Commercial sourcing partner for specialty tile, stone, flooring, wood, decor and soft goods.

Top Quality Materials
Under Budget

“ASD Resource has delivered superb custom materials to make our project unique. They searched their world wide suppliers to our deliver to our design specification.”

Caroline M.

Caroline M. (VP of Interior Design)

ASD Resource & Procurement

Behold beauty.

What will you create?

ASD Resource is a company founded on a passion for design. 

Your design. Your creativity. Your work. Your vision. 

We specialize in sourcing international tile, stone, flooring, decor and soft goods for the healthcare, hospitality and assisted living spaces. 

It is your design - we just bring it to reality; on time and within budget.

<span>Behold beauty.  </span>

Collaborate for Custom Design Success.

We work with project managers, interior designers and architects from leading resorts, medical and real estate development to bring one-of-a-kind, unique and highly personalized designs to full execution. 

You design it and we bring those custom materials to life.  

We have everything in place, off-shore manufacturing, customs broker, duty compliance. 

All the off-shoring headaches…we have solved and in place.  We are very flexible and highly compatible to help deliver a custom materials solution.

<span>Collaborate for Custom Design Success.</span>

Our Services

  • Decor Consultation

  • Design Specification

  • Manufacturing Sourcing - matching the medium with the right manufacturer.

  • Import and Transportation Logistics

<span>Our Services</span>

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Since working with ASD Resource, we have been blown away at the quality of materials for our projects. Fantastic. Our clients are THRILLED! - Isabella M.

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